Dr. Naveen Chandra Pandey, founder & senior practitioner of Sahas Homeopathic, best doctor haldwani renowned name in the region, practicing for over 20 years. At Sahas Homeopathic we provide fully personalized modern Homeopathic treatment on the principles of classical Homeopathy.

Sahas homeopathic curing  number of patients for haldwani and nearby places like Nainital, Rudrapur, Kashipur, Rampur, Sitarganj, haridwar and from different places. Homeopathic medicines cures almost all the diseases from small to large.  .Dr. Naveen Chandra Pandey have the clear vision to provide the needy people a great benefit of Homeopathy in reasonable price. With his dedication, service and effective treatments in the field of homeopathy, he got enormous popularity for his treatments in the region and considered as the best doctor in haldwani.

 Dr. Naveen Chandra Pandey brings the scientific and modern homeopathy. There are different diseases that can be cured by homeopathy https://sahashomeopathic.com/diseases/ and Dr. Naveen Chandra Pandey is specialist to cure various diseases and under the supervision of Dr. Pandey the patients are cured with care and hygienic environment.  Also the homeopathic medicine do not have any side-effect therefore the medicine is best recommended.