If you are looking for the best Homeopathic  hospital in Kumaon then you are at the right place as Sahas homeopathic Hospital and clinic is the best-known hospital of Kumaon. Sahas Homeopathic runs works under the supervision of Dr. Naveen Chandra Pandey, founder & senior practitioner of Sahas Homeopathic, renowned name in the region, practicing for over 20 years. At Sahas Homeopathic we provide fully personalized modern Homeopathic treatment on the principles of classical Homeopathy.

Sahas Homeopathy is the best recommended and is one of the most popular names in entire Kumaon region. patients from various regions of Kumaon like Almora, Haldwani, Rudrapur, Kashipur, Bilaspur,  Ranikhet, Bageshwar etc. Dr. Naveen Chandra Pandey provides a careful treatment to his patients maximum of patients cured in very less time even with stubborn diseases. Dr. Naveen Chandra Pandey provides proper medicines for various diseases like gall bladder stones, kidney stones, stomach tumor, kidney infection, obesity, thyroid, irregular menses, Allergic bronchitis, Diabetes, Leucoderma and various other diseases.

For those patients who are unable to visit the hospital for them, Dr. Naveen Chandra Pandey is now publishing videos on youtube with channel Sahas Homeopathic you may visit them there also.

Sahas homeopathic is not the only clinic but also a medical store that provides homeopathic medicines at reasonable rates.